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DataGenius is an expert React development powerhouse in Australia that you hire to create very interactive, sleek, high performance server, web and mobile applications using React JS and React JS Native. We develop your mobile apps and web applications much faster with the lightweight and fast performing React JS frameworks. We can deploy your applications into your choice of cloud - whether AWS, Azure, Google, Docker, Openstack or any server infrastructure.

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React JS development for high speed and interactive applications

We bring best React JS development services for your innovative products & applications. DataGenius is active and core member of the Australian business landscape having delivered many React JS applications, serving companies of all sizes from startups to Fortune 5000.

Our clients benefit from our innovative product engineering approach, combining your business processes to simplified and scalable solutions. Combining industry's best practices, our developers write quick code with maximum emphasis on componentization, object oriented development and long term ease of maintenance.

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Our core competencies in React development include:

  • Experienced React JS developers for modern, secure and high speed web applications
  • Improve UX/UI with scalable frameworks and fully interactive UX/UI
  • High speed self updating widgets for web and mobile applications
  • Migration from older clunky interfaces to sleek & agile user experience
  • Highly secure and self scaling RESTful API frameworks
  • Micro services and pub-sub implementations for real time streams

Why use React JS for best UX/UI development?

React JS is an open source platform for fast developing and delivering highly interactive, responsive and content rendering javascript framework. It enables ultra fast and component oriented architecture. Use your secure DOM to save and update state as fast as it changes with realtime user experience.

World's biggest firms have applied React in their core business operations, such as Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix, Pinterest, Slack, Twitter, Uber and more than 8,000 world's famous companies.

Some of the benefits of programming in React are:

  • React renders right components at the right time
  • Encapsulate features in smaller widgets
  • Combine several widgets to form full UX/UI
  • Many frameworks and components available
  • Virtual and secure DOM
  • High performance applications
  • Reusable and easy to maintain code
  • Backed by strong global community
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