Best mobile application development in Australia

DataGenius is your local IT company. We are a group of techies who joined hands to support our local Australian companies, leveraging our many years of working for top firms in Australia and around the world. We have had been very successful before launching DataGenius IT Systems Pte Ltd as the local applications developer filling a void in Australian cities such as Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and a lot more. Being local, we comfortably understand and deliver world class applications for Australian businesses, startups, small companies and enterprises.

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Applying best mobile application development process

  • Top skills in iOS & Android app development
  • Translate your idea into a tangible & timed execution
  • Develop for best customer journey from ideation to post-production
  • Agile project management for rapid iterations & deliveries
  • Custom in-app animations & enhanced customer experience
  • Super fast & secure APIs and applications

Your enterprise applications development partner

Most important criteria for successful software solutions and IT consulting providers is to understand and deliver for the normal enterprise complexity. DataGenius punches above its weight when it comes to delivering year after year managed enterprise applications as well as custom enterprise applications.

Enterprises are typically based around technologies from a large selection of platforms. Our skilled teams with deep cross functional and cross technical experience of many many years are in full action mode from day-1 of engagement with our clients.

We use a multi-phased development & build cycle, and our development and service verticals are organized around Plan, Build, Operate and Transfer model, as experienced by most of our clients. Our diverse and distributed teams are ready to work 24x7 if it benefits your enterprise with sharp, quick & efficient deliveries.

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Products Engineering

Most important criteria for successful software solutions and IT consulting providers is to understand and deliver for the normal enterprise complexity. DataGenius punches above its weight when it comes to delivering year after year managed enterprise applications as well as custom enterprise applications.

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Application Security

Several integration points are core pillar for any serious application architecture. Therefore, data secuity, information privacy, and all around solid application security must be core requirements for any of your development needs. This is where DataGenius is far superior to other local companies in Australia. We have certified top notch application & data security engineers who will ensure that your application works securely.

eCommerce, shipment and logistics platform

Our teams have been consistently delivering high speed & high transaction volume solutions for our client's eCommerce ventures. A well defined eCommerce strategy must clearly define an efficient coordination between the listed products, payment systems, inventory, orders, shipment and customer service. This is where DataGenius is an excellent implementation choice with our decades of repetitive deliveries and integrations with external providers for payments processing, cloud systems, shipping & logistics companies and inventory management on real time basis.

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Salesforce implementation and support

With an experience of delivering many Salesforce implementations, migrations and custom development. Our knowledgeable and certified team members will work with you at each step of your Salesforce journey. Using structured development process means we quickly implement your system with all the bells and whistles.

We provide Salesforce managed services from ongoing customization, integration to feature enhancing your systems. We will deploy all tools in Salesforce toolkit, from automation of Sales, Pardot, Marketing, Customer community groups, Price quote to the most advanced programming competency in Apex scripting, Lightning, RESTful APIs and Einstein.

Managed IT services

DataGenius is an expert managed IT services partner with 24x7 NOC [network operations center] in US & India. Our SLAs have a pretty quick turnaround. By working with us, you get prompt world-class service from a global organization with more than 15 years of credible delivery experience.

By delegating your round the clock IT infrastructure upkeep, maintenance, support and operations, you can channelize your corporate energy on your primary business operations. We are an IT company inside out, run by technologist turned entrepreneurs. We are experts in IT infrastructure and operations, our delivery on KPIs will prove to you the best technology IT management services in entire Australia.

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Digital Transformation

Is your organization still struggling with baggage of outdated systems, like the ones developed in Cobol? Or, still running your organization from in-premise servers? We can help you take a big leap into cloud & mobile computing using our proprietary & strict cyber security digital transformation process.

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Modernization of IT infrastructure is not just about fancy gadgets and servers and being cool about it, but rather cyber security & regulatory compliance are main drivers for this change. You need an organization which is good at this job. Ask our clients how we have transformed not only their IT infrastructure into a modern & high speed enterprise, but also how this improved their organizational productivity, efficiency & profitability.

DataGenius can support your endeavors to embrace latest technological advances in AWS, Azure, Mobile computing, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and high performance computing infrastructure.

Government Projects

DataGenius is a strong national level player in Australia for the Federal and Local Government projects. Depending on the project needs, we have collaborated with other companies, as well as solo bidding partner on many projects.

Our founding directors have many years of experience working for Government organizations, and therefore they have become experts in key measures of success when working on Government projects. With our national level teams, and globally situated diverse team of technology talent, DataGenius is a deep rooted organization in working closely with and for the Government, ensuring success in every singe engagement.

We would love to get your RFQ [Request for Quotation], RFI [Request for Information] and RFP [Request for proposal] inquiries and provide our best inputs for your success with these projects.

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